Monday, March 24, 2014

Peabody Art part 2

Here are some color keys I did for the Troy sequence in Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I must say it's probably one of my favorite sequences in the film.
*All images are copyright Dreamworks Animation

Designing characters and caricaturing are two of my favorite thing. Peabody and Sherman has some great designs in it based on historical figures, and I was lucky to work on some of those characters. 


Alexander Fleming

Amelia Rinehart

Galileo Galilei

Designing the cakes for Mary Antoinette's party was a lot of fun. It was not easy staring at beautiful dessert reference for a few weeks, but it was all worth it when the studio actually baked a REAL cake following the design, for the wrap party. mmmm...cake...


Sam said...

Really amazing stuff Avner. Congratulations on a great film!

Ivan Oviedo said...

Congrats for your work Avner. Very good.

Unknown said...

Simply Awesome! Congrats sir

Ashley Perez said...

This is fantastic! Congrats!