Monday, March 17, 2014

Peabody Art part 1

7 years ago, I moved to the states to start animation school, with the hope of one day I'll be working as an artist on a feature film. at the time it seemed like a far away dream. A couple of weeks ago the film Peabody and Sherman came out!
I am very honored to have worked on this film with an amazing team of artists, and couldn't be more happy to see it finished on the big screen!

When the first Mr. Peabody and Sherman trailer came out
I was really excited to send it to my parents.
I wanted to see their real-time reaction

After months that I couldn't show them anything,
they were anxious to see what I've been working on

They were really excited!

And full of pride!

But my Mom didn't fail, and being a good Jewish Mom, the pride immediately transformed into guilt:

"Now... tell me EXACTLY what did YOU work on!!"

So here it is!! some of my development work on Mr. Peabody and Sherman. More to come!!
(All artwork below in this post,  is copyright Dreamworks Animation)

I spent a lot of time working on Designs for the Da vinci workshop. it was super fun adding all the tiny details to his inventions and notes.

Some development keys for the Troy sequence. The final  sequence ended up playing a little differently/

The Trojan horse was one of the most fun props to work on. I developed it with the amazing Bryan LaShelle

The best part was when we built an actual one!! it had a secret compartment to store a cooler, and served as a beer cart that was going around the studio on Friday to treat all the artist working long hours in the weeks of production.


maors said...

amazing stuff, man! all very inspiring.

lindsey olivares said...

congratulations! awesome work + love the intro :)

Phil Spehar said...

Amazing work, Looks like so much fun!

Marcus Ng said...


Unknown said...

Really fantastic stuff Avnar! Seriously brother, love it!
Hugs from Canada...!

Unknown said...

Really fantastic stuff Avnar! Seriously brother, love it!
Hugs from Canada...!

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