Sunday, June 20, 2010

The small things

I really want to try and find little things in every day that makes it special. Having the worse memory ever it also helps me remember those fun little experiences.

This cute little girl didn't expect the water to be so cold.

This guy was having a blast singing to his music until he notice I'm looking at him when we were standing at the stop light.

on the bus.

Roommies :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Adventures

Hi! Sorry for not posting much lately but I was staying away from the computer a little, after another intense year at Ringling. Woohho! Senior year here we come!

a couple of days after school ended I headed back home to Israel to visit my family and friends. This trip wasfull of events but really short. My Friends and I went camping, as a bachlors trip for my friend Uri who just got married a few days ago! (Mazal tov bro!)

Unfortunatlay, I had to miss the big day but from very happy reasons. only 3 weeks after getting back home, I went back on the plane headed to salt lake city. I was very fortunate to get accepted as a visual development intern at Disney interactive/Avalanche. I can't say enough about how honored I am to get to work with some amazing Artists I've been following for a long while now.

The 3 weeks of Break at home were fantastic! I was traveling all over the place met a lot of good friends and recharged on some great food. I was talking to my friend Liron the night before we both headed back to the states. we always say how it's such a weird feeling, having part of you want to stay at home, and half of you can't wate to go travel back across the big lake. kind of like you have this double life all the time. This sketch is just a funny metaphore we came up with :)

Thank you all for stopping by, and to all my friends who are spread across the states and heading to new artistic adventures, best of luck!