Monday, June 27, 2011

Defective Detective Visual Development

One of the most fun parts of making the film was to explore the world and the environments that the characters live in. We did a lot of research and collected so many images of old apartments, and old kitchenware to try and capture the spirit of the granny's apartment and the detective's office.

The image above is an early painting I did to try and visualize what this story moment might feel like. The final look of this frame (that could be viewed in the previous post) was quite different as we defined the color scheme and style more and more as production progressed. The essence of the feeling of this moment stayed pretty similar I think.

More development Art coming soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's really about time I would dust off this blog. I am embarrassed to see when was my last update, but I promise it was all for a good cause :)

Last month I graduated from Ringling College of Art and design. it's been an amazing 4 years, and I spent the last year working day and night on a short film (no excuses, but hence the lack of updates...) . I teamed up with my good friend and super talented artist Stevie Lewis, and together we made our first film Defective Detective.

it's been an amazing experience working on the film, and we couldn't expect in out wildest dreams what this film will lead us to. A month ago we were notified that we have won the Student Academy Award for an animated short. We were so honoured to be selected, and had an amazing experience in LA meeting all the talented film makers! I might write more on this experience later on.

With John Musker at the award ceremony. Such a huge honour to meet him, and check out his awesome Genie tie!!!

Defective Detective
will be available on-line in a while, but I will update here as soon as it is up. Meanwhile, above is a teaser image, and I'll start posting more of the visual development work for the film soon!

And now, off to a new chapter in my animated adventures! I started to intern at PIXAR a few weeks ago! These is are very exciting times and I am so happy to join such a creative environment and word aside so many talented people.

first day, with my Ringling buddies Uri Lotan and Justin Farris and a new friend, Jeff Leinenveber

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