Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Animation!

Here are two cycles I did in traditional animation class this semester.
We suppose to start a 3D walk cycle soon, so stay tuned for that as well :)

CLICK HERE for a Hi Res version.


Francesco Giroldini said...

aha, you nailed those two!
The timing for the butt in the first one is perfect, maybe you could have tried to offset the rear legs a little bit, right now they're twinning a little bit, I could imagine it would be stronger if one of them got to the top of the arc a bit delayed. Same thing for the front legs.
Maybe the head could delay a little bit more after the down.
The guy at the bottom has so much weight! The drag on the hands is nice at the last frame, but at the first one, the hands could drag a bit more, and his left hand pops a little, same thing for his right foot, it pops a little.
anyway.. I know how much time you had to do these, and it's amazing the quality you got on these, ahha you even got to clean them up..

ThisisaScott said...

These are really cool Avner. I wish I could give you more feedback than that but I no absolutely nothing about animation.