Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What goes around comes around

So I really didn't intend to post this at first. This Linux penguin was our first modeling assignment last semester here at Ringling. Since everyone had to model the exact same thing, I didn't think it will be too interesting to share.

but then I recalled this one project I did back in the good old high school days. As part of an environmental art project I cast 100 plaster penguins. every day I would move all of them around campus, forming different arrays. It;s funny how our life circles interweave, since now, almost 7 years later I'm back to dealing with penguins (not only that; when I looked at the pictures again I noticed that the girl in one of them has the Linux penguin popping out of her bag! what are the odds??)

Anyway, hope you'' enjoy this, something a bit different than usual, while I'm working on some new projects that' hopefully I'll be able to share soon.

Take care,


P.s - The title screen for my 3D penguin is of course an homage to the brilliant film "surf's up" if you haven't seen it, it's a must!


yezix said...

Wow those are adorable. It's so funny thinking about 100 penguins would just move about the campus from day to day.

ThisisaScott said...

brilliant Avner...simply brilliant.

Francesco Giroldini said...

You pressed shift-D 100 times ah?
The link for the video tutorials is:


Katya Anosova said...

I gotta admit that having that girl have that penguin is a little unsettling and incredibly eerie...