Monday, February 4, 2008

Figure Drawing

Hi! so, a lot is going on lately... I am super busy with school mostly... Traditional Animation is awesome so far and hopefully soon enough I'll have something cool to show. Meanwhile I'm working on other projects, but it will take a while till I can post anything, so I guess in the next few weeks I'll keep posting some older stuff to keep this blog alive :)
These are some life drawings from last semester. They vary between 1-2 minute gestures, 20 minute poses to an hour long one. Enjoy!


CrimBot said...

wow! I especially like the first picture! Thats a neat idea for life drawing. :D

Are you, btw, using a certain style for your lines? (vilppu?) or is that just something you came up with? ^^

Gordon Pinkerton said...

hey these look familiar... haha nice stuff as usual. Now I wanna see some ball bounces!

Francis Vallejo said...

traditional is a blast right!? thanks for the kind words...I'm digging the work on here, some great character designs

Nilah said...

Amazing as always! Are you taking Intermediate Figure next year?

Avner Geller said...

Hey, Thanks for your comments everybody (on the previos post as well).

Crimbot -actually you got it just right... I am trying to learn as much as I can from vilppu, and actually I am going to attend a one week workshop with him 2 weeks from now...VERY EXCITING!

Nilah - thanks a lot, I really hope I'll be a ble to take intermediate figure next semester... I don't have any figure drawing classes this semester and I sure do miss it... are you gonna take that class?

Uri said...

these are just great.. look great