Friday, November 2, 2007


Our last assignment in 3D design class was to design a toy. My partner and I came up with "STAMP'ede". It's an activity game where the kid can play with different farm animals that have interchangeable parts (heads, feet...). On the bottom of the feet there are rubber stamps that print the shape of each animal's foot. Educational and fun!.
Here is the the package design I did for the game, as well as the actual figures.


Amalia said...

the box really does make it look like such an exciting toy. :P

Tal Rachmin said...

Great blog you've got there
I'll visit more often
Nice work dude!

Gordon Pinkerton said...

Woohoo! It's STAMP'ede! It turned out really nice looking. When can I buy mine?

oh yeah... and go Team Awesome for the boat project!

lindsey olivares said...

i just found your blog, this is really neat, I also really like what your doing with the paleolithic characters in the other post.

Josh Garlick said...

So amazing....great job.